The Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) Spark Theatre Festival NYC is a three-week festival of new work for the stage that allows artists of different disciplines to produce one performance of a polished “work-in-progress” with audience feedback.

Many pieces selected for the festival will have never been performed before an audience, while some selections have been performed previously but feature new material. We are not interested in presenting established pieces of theatre. We want to see something brand-spanking-new hit the stage for the first or nearly the first time. This festival is an opportunity to present work for a paying audience for the first, or newly the first, time. 

There is no submission charge and no obligation to participate if chosen. Plus, participants receive 50% of the box office. Artists are held to an audience guarantee equal to one ticket buyer per minute of your show.  Successful Fringe, NYMF, and Off-Broadway shows have been born out of this series, and Emerging Artists is excited to present a new round of opportunities to local artists for yet another year.

We accept submissions for the following new works:

  • Solo Shows
  • Dance
  • Cabaret
  • Musicals (Short and Long)
  • Short Plays (60 min or less)
  • Subway Musicians
  • Storytelling Show
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Interactive
  • Other … Out of the Box


  • PART ONE: Read the FAQs on the next page carefully Please pay special attention to the audience guarantee section, to be sure you are ready to gather an audience for your work. 
  • PART TWO: Fill out the application form. You will be asked to provide information on the following:
    • How you heard about Emerging Artists Theatre’s Spark Theatre Festival NYC
    • Why your show would be a good fit
    • Show title, running time, and production history (if applicable)
    • Description of your production
    • Support materials including a script, video, or other means of sharing 
    • Contact information, website, social media handles, and professional bio(s)
  • Hit SUBMIT to submit your application


If you are accepted into the Spark Theatre Festival NYC, there will be an information session/meet-and-greet on a date to be determined. There will be snacks. Good ones.


Submissions for the Fall 2024 festival will be open from April 1 – June 1, 2024.