“The way the characters’ stories are carefully created, presented, and interwoven, the audience believes that this crazy salad of a comedy could really happen,” – Lavender After Dark

“Briskly and sharply directed by Rosie Gunther, Sex Work/Sex Play occasionally feels like an adults-only sitcom, with a talented, energetic ensemble cast who know how to be funny.  All five performers are excellent.” – Lavender After Dark

“In a world of playwrights, directors, and performers who always feel the need to “play it safe”, Sex Work/Sex Play will prove that audiences are always eager for an unapologetically bold, raunchy, and provocative theater experience.  You’ll definitely “swipe right” for this production!” – Lavender After Dark

“No shortage of witty asides and comic twists.” — Thinking Theatre

“An amusing comedy that explores contemporary adults’ concerns about sex and relationships…the performers are all wonderful in their comic timing and troubled sincerity.” — Hi! Drama

“It is no surprise that ensures that the dialogue by award-winning Caytha Jennis ensures that no subject matter or scenario is ever awkward or taboo . . . she knows what she’s doing and you won’t be able to get enough.” — Theater Piazza

Q&A with Caytha Jentis – Playwright of “Sex Work/Sex Play”  at BEAUTY NEWS NYC 



The one-woman show, which opened on Sept. 4 at Manhattan’s Emerging Artists Theatre, presents a new version of the Anne Frank story in which she pens her diary while she is dying in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, rather than writing it while in hiding in Amsterdam,” –  NY Jewish Week

“Elisha is an excellent writer…Fishman effortlessly takes us on Anne’s horrific journey…it is her portrayal of Anne that gives the play its vibrant emotional core….this play may break your heart.” – Stage & Cinema

“An engaging performance…Anne Being Frank is a passionate, bold, and imaginative effort.” –  Front Row Center

“Elisha has written a refreshing new take on Anne Frank’s life…What gives Elisha’s play its power—aside from Fishman’s commanding, nuanced performance and Amanda Brooke Lerner’s incisive direction—are the imaginative details that, in 90 minutes, paint a portrait that is difficult to forget.” – Theatre Scene




“Playwright Paul Adams indeed knows about the transgenerational appeal of Ms. Day, as evidenced by his loving, well-crafted musical drama Doris Day: My Secret Love.”

“Starring the intensely engaging Tiffan Borelli as Day”

“The show’s biggest asset, hands down, is Ms. Borelli in the title role…From the opening number Lullaby of Broadway right on through to the finale, she captures Day’s range and patented style:  smooth as freshly churned vanilla ice cream…The physical resemblance and Borelli’s channeling of Day’s eternally sunny aura are actually quite astonishing; at times, it’s difficult to believe that we are not actually watching the real Doris back in her hey-Day.”

“This would be a good time to give a shout-out to the hard-working David Beck. Beck not only proves to be a gifted pianist from the show’s very first musical note, but he also portrays many of the men in Day’s life.”

‘The interactions between Borelli as Day, and Beck as the men in Day’s life, are well portrayed throughout the show; the actors’ chemistry is very good.” 

   – Lavendar After Dark

“An enjoyable indulgence in nostalgia…Ms Borelli’s strong suit is her acting chops. She shines in the scenes with her son, Terry, and her friend Rock Hudson. All the male characters are played by David Beck, a talent ed and versatile performer. …    I would recommend it as a lesson in the golden years of Hollywood films, especia lly musicals.” 

High Drama

Beck is an admirable chameleon….[writer] Paul Adams gives the audience a chance to see this side of her life.”

Rated 92% on Front Row Center reviews

The Front Row Center

“Tiffan Borelli creates a Day to remember..”

Off Off Online

“Wonderful…very engaging” ….”The performances were so great and wonderful.”

“The performance of Tiffan Boreilli as Doris Day is really quite wonderful. She must have worked very very hard to emulate Doris’ vocal delivery. She (Doris) had a very unique way of singing. She could use this very feather-like bravado that Tiffan Borelli really manages to give a very good approximation of that. And also the way she would bend notes. She must have worked very hard. . . . (David Beck ) is amazingHe does this with acting that is a 100 percent wonderful in addition to actually playing the piano.”

Broadway Radio

“‘Doris Day: My Secret Love’ was written by gay playwright Paul Adams. At 63, this marks his Off-Broadway debut as a playwright. Paul is also the Artistic Director of the NYC based Emerging Artists Theatre, the company he founded 30 years ago. He formed the company three decades ago so he could help produce/showcase work by emerging artists especially the LGBTQ community.”

– Queer Forty


EAT’S OFF BROADWAY SEASON featureD in playbill

“Emerging Artists Theatre is bringing three new plays to 28th Street Theatre in repertory this fall. Following their presentation at Emerging Artists Theatre’s Spark Theatre Festival NYC, Anne Being FrankDoris Day: My Secret Love, and Sex Work/Sex Play will run September 4-October 29 on a rotating schedule…”

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Emerging Artists is a Critics Pick in Time Out New York

TIME OUT SAYS: Emerging Artists Theatre, or EAT, cooks up a new edition of its platform for works-in-progress. This fall’s series showcases 70 pieces over the course of four weeks, including new musicals, plays, dances and cabaret shows; most are presented for one performance only, with some short works grouped together.

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Emerging Artists Off-Broadway Featured in BROADWAY WORLD

EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE OFF-BROADWAY: The award-winning Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT), currently celebrating their 30th anniversary, has announced three new Off-Broadway plays having their World Premiere this fall at the 28th Street Theatre (also known as TADA). The two month engagement will feature the following plays running in repertory: Anne Being Frank by Ron Elisha, Doris Day: My Secret Love by Paul Adams, and Sex Work Sex Play by Caytha Jentis.

All three shows were previously showcased at EAT’s Spark Theatre Festival NYC (formerly the New Work Series) and will run September 4th to October 29th at the 28th Street Theatre (TADA) on a rotating schedule. The first week will consist of preview performances. (Sept. 4-Oct. 29, TADA Theater.)

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Emerging Artists New Work Series Featured in The New York Times Fall Theatre Preview

FALL NEW WORK SERIES: Emerging Artists Theater has been shepherding new work from page to stage for almost 30 years, showcasing new productions at all levels of development. This fall, EAT will once again present their biannual new works series, to include dozens of new plays, musicals, dance pieces and cabaret performances. (Sept. 26-Oct. 23, TADA Theater.)

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Broadway World Showcases Our Biggest New Work Series

QUOTED IN BROADWAY WORLD: Artistic Director Paul Adams shared his thoughts on the expanded festival: “Emerging Artists is celebrating our 29th season and it’s always been our mission to be a champion of new works. We understand how hard it is for artists after so many of our fellow theater companies were forced to close due to Covid. We wanted to give as many artists as possible the chance to see their work go from page to stage, and we had a record number of submissions. That’s why we decided to expand the festival from 3 to 4 weeks and showcase 70 artists’ new work, which is the largest number of shows we’ve presented since the festival’s inception in 2006.”

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