Sex Work/Sex Play

Written by Caytha JentisDirected by Rosie Gunther Featuring Amber Gatlin, Josh Hyman, Kerry McGann, Christopher Trindade and Constance Zaytoun Set in Brooklyn, this charming and witty play invites us to laugh at the delightfully awkward and uncomfortable scenarios of five people – a divorced mother, her college aged daughter, a suburban husband and wife and […]

Doris Day: My Secret Love

Written by Paul AdamsDirected by Melissa AtteberyFeaturing Tiffan Borelli as Doris Day and David Beck as Les Brown Doris Day led a fascinating life that was fueled by both a drive to make people happy and a desire to find someone who truly cared for her. Her husbands dictated the terms and path of her […]

Anne Being Frank

Written by Ron ElishaDirected by Amanda Brooke LernerFeaturing Alexis Fishman as Anne Frank “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank wrote these famous words a mere three weeks before she met the people who weren’t. Would she still have written the famous line if she had […]